How will the event accommodate my sensory needs?

1. Dimmed Lighting
2. Reduced speaker volume
3. Condensed food and drink menu available in visual and written versions
4. Designated self-regulation area
5. Plastic straws
6. Paper towel in washrooms (no hand dryers)
7. Limited capacity means less bodies and less noise

Is this event wheelchair accessible?

Yes! Cabin Brewing is wheelchair accessible and the tables are at wheelchair height.

Is Cabin Brewing accessible by transit?

Yes! The closest train station is 39 Ave Station and there are lots of bus stops on Macleod Trail that are a 7-10 minute walk away from Cabin Brewing. Plan your trip using the Calgary Transit app or Google/Apple Maps.

Do I have to drink at this event?

Cabin is a brewing company that specializes in beer, but there are a variety of non-alcoholic options available. You do not have to drink to enjoy this event.

What kinds of food are available? Is outside food welcome?

Cabin has a small snack menu including hot dogs, chips, and snack packs (which comes with goldfish, a fruit cup, a cheese string and a granola bar). If you're not into that, Cabin also encourages bringing outside food.

What is there to do at NeuroNights?

Lots! Enjoy food and drinks on your own, with friends, family, or support workers, or with new friends you will meet at NeuroNights! Cabin has a collection of board games with simplified rules. This event will also colouring options and conversation cards available to keep the vibes flowing!

Do I need to stay for the entire time?

No! You are welcome to pop in for 15 minutes or stay the whole time. You can arrive whenever you want and leave whenever you want. The doors open at 6pm and the end time is 9pm.

Can I come if I am not Neurodiverse?

Yes! We are an inclusive event and all are welcome!

Are there going to be structured activities?

No, NeuroNights is about creating a sensory friendly environment to enjoy going to a bar. You can expect conversation cards to jumpstart meeting new people, adult colouring books to do alone or with others, simplified board games, and fidget tools and a designated self-regulation space.